Heart & Courage

The Solution.. the Question is will you take it on.


A Blueprint no fluff! You will know what, why, when and how!

Stop Mailing it In

You won’t win going the way everyone else blindly goes about life. What you’re missing is the right information not a lot of inspiration.

Check Yourself

Most people are the walking dead. They have given up their lives and their dreams and followed the masses to that great plantation.


There is a mentality to money and it simply is may every dollar you spend be in line with building something for yourself. It’s the same mentality one who desires to be healthy uses. They refuse to let any bad food in their body. It’s the same mentality one who desires to be righteous undertakes. They refuse to allow any bad thoughts stop them from doing what’s right. It’s the universal rule of good in equals good out. So why wouldn’t we apply this rule to how we go about making money?

Everyday we all have a choice on how we go about using the little money we have in our pockets. I think the rapper Nas said in a song “That buck that bought a bottle could’ve struck the Lotto!” In essence he is recognizing a slight change in how he spends his money could have a major positive impact on his life. Are we going to use what we have to build something or are we going to use what we have just to get by? A small change here and there will definitely get you somewhere. The problem with most people is they believe it will take too long so they’d rather just enjoy today. It’s that mentality of feeling as low as what’s in your pockets that stops you from building.


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